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請問下列英文如何翻譯成中文 謝謝











First, the background

Martial arts movies in Taiwan, for a wide range of cultural assets, it is worth mining and sort out a system. In this dissertation, cut from the point of view of the "popular culture" in a popular and universal Taiwan 1950 - 1980s martial arts film "its course of development, as a research topic; contingent watching movies and reading of the text, feel there are still differences, so also through her meaning of the thoughts expressed by the martial arts in the movies, martial arts film is no longer caught only limited to the visual enjoyment, but have the opportunity to learn the history and culture of teaching materials. In addition, scholars, also accompanied by interviews with martial arts film director, understand the concept of the film director to more in-depth core of the film.

Second, the research questions

(1) discusses the 1950 - 1980s martial arts film, on the one hand, recalling its history and classic, on the other hand also explore the pros and cons of the spread of martial arts movies.

(B) Analysis of social background, and how it affects the development of Taiwan's martial arts movie.

1 Subject alternately.

2, martial arts waves.

3, social atmosphere.

4, the film company.

5, industrial development.

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    First, research backgroundMartial arts movies in Taiwan, for a variety of cultural assets worthy of exploration and arrangement of a system. Has given this, this papers from "mass culture" of views plunges, to has popular sexual and universal of Taiwan 1950--1980 era "martial arts movie" with development course, as research theme; so ornamental movie and text of read, in feel Shang still has differences, therefore also climbed comb novels in movie in the by expression of thought Yun meaning, let martial arts movie no longer only caught limited to Visual of enjoy, but has opportunities became learning history and culture of textbook. In addition, flavored with scholars ' research, and martial arts film director interviews, understand the concept of, Director, took the deeper core of the film.II, research issues(A) commented on 1950--1980 's Taiwan movies, while recalling its history and classic, while exploring the advantages and disadvantages of spread martial arts movie.(B) analysis of the social context, how to influence Taiwan development of martial arts movie.Turn 1, a theme.2, martial arts novels contributed.3, social atmosphere.4, movie companies.5, industrial development.

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