Why do people think Amanda Knox is guilty?

1) There is hardly any DNA evidence that points to her.

2) The prosecution completely made sh!t up and made her out to be a deviant drug addict because she smoked pot and was sexually active (find me a college student that isn't)

3) No motive, like said before the whole "sex act gone wrong" story was completely fabricated

4) No witnesses except for a bum heroin addict who couldn't identify his left *** cheek if he tried and was most likely taken advantage of

5) She acted what seems strange to some like kissing her boyfriend (not like they were making out) also she seemed to have a lack of sympathy but she was possibly on shock, people react to tragedies very differently

6) She did screw up by blaming someone else but she was under a lot of stress at the time and probably wasnt thinking straight

7) THIS CASE WOULD HAVE BEEN THROWN OUT IN THE US... they have screwed up so much like not allowing her a lawyer during interrogation and having police officials pose as doctors and tell her she was HIV positive just to get info on her sex life. Innocent or guilty, sure as hell not a fair trial

I mean there is NO reason to believe she was guilty. Personally, I believe her and her boyfriend are 100% innocent

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    The people listing the Injustice in Perugia website.......might as well site a 9-11 Truther site, to "prove" 9-11 was an inside job.

    The site that claims to expose the "truth" makes two dozen astounding assumptions itself, and bases it's conclusions on..........best guesses and things it can't can't possibly know for FACT.

    It PRESUMES what happened, and then declares, "well, that clears that up!"

    The site is a joke. It doesn't answer any of the HARD questions of the trial..........and it flatly tells some falsehoods. I am an American LIVING in Italy and have followed this case from day ONE-

    The assumption that the Italian Caribinieri are a bunch of Keystone, flat footed imbeciles, is galling.

    They are of the UTMOST professional quality......and this case was looked at exhaustively.

    Amanda tried to frame a totally innocent man, showed not the slightest remorse or surprise that her "good friend" had just been brutally slaughtered..........and her alibi's were total rubbish.

    They both changed their stories 15 times, only ***AFTER*** each successive lie was PROVEN to be false.....and then blamed their lies, on being "pressured" or long interrogation sessions.

    BULLSH*T. They were hauled in for questioning REPEATEDLY, at different times..........not one long tortureous session..........and each time changed their story. Not "remembered additional information", or other details.....but totally CHANGED their stories.......after the first story proved FALSE- So if you are not guilty........then why lie in the first place, that your story needed changing and amendments?

    Why doesn't anyone ask about Amamda's statements she made, when she saw all the blood on the floor, and didn't call police? She said she thought it was menstrual blood, from one of her roommates.

    You have to have an IQ of ZERO to buy that BS excuse............that you entered the house, with the door found ajar, as she stated..........found blood, all over the bathroom floor.....and you thought NOTHING of it. ? Have you ever known a woman in your LIFE to just bleed buckets of blood all over the floor during her period? And then , okay, after doing so..........just LEAVES it there, and goes about her business? What kind of MORON would believe that alibi?

    Witnesses claim she bought cleaning supplies, the day after the murder. Her response was.......

    "wasn't me". Wow. damning.

    Right, must have been some other American, blue eyed foreign exchange student, in the same area, who coincidently, needed cleaning supplies, that very morning.....right after a murder.

    Forensics proved an attempt to clean was made.

    her body was covered with a Duvet...........psychology experts will testify, that THAT is the act of someone who KNEW her, and had remorse.............and covered the naked body.

    A drugged out, rapist, does not "care for the corpse" after the murder.

    Glass was found in the room....but NOT under the body. That leads to the conclusion that the window was broken AFTER the fact.......NOT before the murder. Glass was found on TOP of the strewn clothes.....not under them.....which indicated the murder came first........the broken window, ,second, to stage a break in.

    The Injustice site........posts a bunch of silly HYPOTHESISES......and lists things like Rudy was a baseketball player. It ****PROVES***** no more, than the BS they try to discredit....and they make several wild azz guesses and assumptions themselves.

    Amanda gave no fewer than a dozen versions of what went down that night... alternately being in the house, but not in room................being in the room, but did not murder her, to not being in the house at all........but she knew that the black bar owner did it somewhow.

    Funny......how did she know *that* , if she wasn't there at the time of the murder?

    Osmosis? Gimme a break..........she's guilty as hell.

    It's Casey Anthony times 100. There's no video footage of what went down, so they can't "PROVE" she did it.............but her stories are complete and total BS.

    Forget the injustice website....and find a site that has all her 12 versions of events side by side......

    and then tell me she's innocent.

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    Why Amanda Knox Is Guilty

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Why do people think Amanda Knox is guilty?

    1) There is hardly any DNA evidence that points to her.

    2) The prosecution completely made sh!t up and made her out to be a deviant drug addict because she smoked pot and was sexually active (find me a college student that isn't)

    3) No motive, like said before the whole "sex act gone...

    Source(s): people amanda knox guilty: https://shortly.im/nLuhc
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    Seems the judge's case has more flaws and motives than Amanda Knox's case. When the judge is making his judgements based on supposition and opinion, and in the face of lack of evidence, you have to question his motives. The fact that he bungled the case completely due to improper handling of evidence and investigative techniques also weighs poorly on his decisions. He has more motive to try and save face than Amanda Knox had to murder her roommate.

    To suppose that Amanda Knox with no criminal background or experience could have murdered her roommate, leaving no evidence, sticking around to gloat and be questioned by police is more the stuff of a fiction novel. A crime committed by a mastermind sociopathic criminal such as Professor Moriarty.

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    8 years ago

    As I have no first hand knowledge of the case I have to go on what the courts say. Initially she was found guilty, so I listen to that. Now she is let out and found not guilty, so my view changes. Now the case is to be looked at again. In this case she is still innocent until proven guilty.

    I will not listen to fan clubs of the accused nor will I listen to groups directly related to the accused. They are often too focused and polarised to one outcome.

    Unless I get first hand access to he evidence that is the way it must be looked at. That is the same for you, me and all the other arm chair lawyers out there.

    Before you dismiss this because the US would, in your claim, look and see what the US uses for proof to force people into plea bargains and extradition's forced on people.

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    There are large flaws with the evidence you are correct, but her behaviour is extremely suspicious and her mannerisms and reactions have been confirmed by a substantial number of behavioural scientists and psychologists of being indicative of psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies.

    While this is not enough to convict her, it is enough to convince most reasonable people (including myself) that it is more likely that she did it than did not.

    Her large pauses seem narcissistic as does her overtly dramatic delivery. To me, many of her ticks and characteristics seem designed for effect and contrived.

    I certainly don't think her drug taking or promiscuity should bear heavily on peoples opinion of motive. Many people take drugs and are promiscuous. The latter is not a crime and only certain versions of the former are.

    Of course it also perfectly plausible that I'm wrong and so is the majority of the rest of the world, this is after all just opinion. I just wish the Italian Police had been more thorough and professional in their investigation.

    Source(s): I've followed the case closely over the years because I really would like to know if Amanda is guilty or not. The evidence must be sound though and the conviction solid.
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    5 years ago

    Guilty as sin she looks evil and is too inconsistent in her stories I think she was responsible then rang everyone to look innocent I believe she paid Rudy to do it and that should be classed as murder not an accessory ect

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    From what I have read some people believe that she had motive because of losing her job at the bar to Meridith. That's why they say she turned on the bar owner. They say Rudy G was her drug dealer, and to get back at Meridith she told him to steal from her room while she was at work. Well she was there and was killed. Anyway that's what I have read from all the articles earlier. Its interesting she never really addresses these assertions. I can see why Meridith's family shes her as indirectly involved if any of this is true.

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    If you check out the web site Injustice in Perugia you'll find more than enough evidence to confirm that she's not guilty. Veteran FBI Agent Steve Moore analyses and explains the forensic evidence very carefully and clearly. I don't think anyone who reads this can think Amanda Knox is guilty. See http://www.injusticeinperugia.org/FBI.html

    Well before the trial, Italian police made claims that made her look as if there was no doubt she was guilty, claims that were later proved to be false. The news media and the internet have been covered with discussions saying she "looks guilty" and attacking her character.

    The Italian police screwed up the case. Their collection of forensic evidence at the murder scene was so sloppy that much of it became valueless. They claimed to have the victim's DNA on a knife found in Raffaele Sollecito's kitchen. Under cross examination at appeal it came out that the DNA could have come from millions of people (including the judge in the case), and that the knife had food traces on it. If it had been used for the murder and cleaned afterwards, there would not have been food traces left but no blood traces.

    The leading police officer involved was already under investigation for serious misconduct over a previous murder case before he worked on this one. He seems to be obsessed with satanic sex rituals -- he claimed Meredith Kercher was killed during a satanic sex game but he made similar claims about the previous case he'd screwed up.

    It's weird how many people seem to think they can decide on her guilt just by looking at her, or judging her behaviour and even the way she speaks. Her character (or what people think about her) doesn't prove anything either way. We don't decide innocence or guilt on someone's face. What matters is what the factual evidence says. And the evidence is that she's innocent. None of the victim's blood was on her or her clothing, or in her boyfriend's flat. The footprints of the real murderer (who's in jail) were found in the victim's blood. No trace of either Amanda Knox or her boyfriend was found at the murder scene apart from the normal DNA you'd expect because the two girls shared an apartment.

    The details about the scientific evidence are quite complex. The main point the ex-FBI man makes is the amount of evidence that ISN'T THERE. For example, if the two of them had been involved with Rudy Guede (a known criminal who's already in jail for this murder) there would've been traces of those two other people in the room. And there aren't. No marks on Amanda Knox the day after, no blood.

    Amanda Knox and her boyfriend made a lot of statements, most of which contradict each other. Some claim this is proof of their guilt. The FBI expert says these muddled statements are exactly what you'd expect when people are interrogated in such extreme conditions. Amanda Knox and her boyfriend were questioned for many, many hours and in circumstances that make their statements worthless and unreliable. Terrifying them for periods of time, without lawyers, in a strange land, in Italian, is no way to discover the truth... OK, Amanda Knox spoke pretty good Italian, but it's not her native language and it turned out that this caused big misunderstandings.

    To check out what the Injustice in Perugia site claimed, I explored several others. What I discovered is that there seems to be groups who are certain Amanda Knox is guilty, but that they base this opinion on gut feelings, cod psychology based on their interpretation on how she seems in photos or video, and on the very muddled statements both Amanda Knox and her boyfriend made in the days following the murder. They steer well clear of the scientific evidence, although they repeat police claims about evidence that the appeal showed to be false. The True Justice site is pretty weird. They seem to think Amanda Knox is some sort of monster. I prefer the cool careful analysis of the FBI guy and other experts on the Injustice in Perugia site. The True Justice site doesn't seem to have any scientific experts, just a lot of hatred.

    The scientific evidence on the Injustice in Perugia site is too complicated to put it all out here. You need to read if yourself if you really want to know the detail. It's convincing.

    As for extradition, if I were her I'd fight it all the way. She has good reason not to trust the Italian justice system. I feel very sorry for the poor young woman. Meredith Kercher's death was a tragedy, but the injustice done to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is no small thing either.

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