Motorcycle gear shifting?

OK so im a new rider with a 1992 Suzuki GSXF750 Katana, i just got a lot of work done on it, like 700 bucks worth, which included carbs, tank cleaning, fork seals, oil and some other stuff.

I understand the concept of shifting from a theoretical standpoint but i believe im having trouble putting it into action.

750'CCs 15 thousand RPMs. So i get on the bike, choke it and warm it up a little and now im ready to go, clutch in drop it to first, leave and reach the stop sign leading to the main road which is 35 mphs.

I make my turn in 1st gear and then while riding here's what i do:

1st gear to about 25mph and about 7k RPM's clutch it, drop throttle and shift to 2nd

2nd gear to about 35mph and another 7k RPMS i shift to 3rd

If i can stay in 3rd ill cruse at about 4-4,900 RPM's

is any of this right? should i be shifting at higher RPM's? like 10k or more?

ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM is that while riding and shifting and such i feel my seat getting very hot, location of heat is right between my groin and glutes, it gets really hot and leves my glutes sweating horribly. I suspect im working the engine too hard? maybe not shifting high enough? or riding out a gear too long? OR but not as likely the battery heating up? the mechanic ok'd he after the work when he could of milked me for more money so i doubt its that... IDK. while im in 1st doing 20 i hear (what i believe is the engine) spooling up loudly and i assume the bike whats to be shifted so i shift.

so i guess what im asking is on my 750 when should i be shifting? is 7k ok or should it be more/less?

and when ive reached appropriate speeds what should i be cruising at and what gear? 3k or like 5k?

Today i got it up to 70mph and was in 4th or 5th gear? was that ok? my rpms never went past 8 or 9k was that wrong?

Got insurance, license, helmet,

Will not take the msf. its not rocket science



provide good advice

Update 2:

OK, no one answered it, so what rpms should i be at when cruising at about 60mph if im in 4th gear? Basically when going at a constant speed should the rpms be low like 3 or 4k or higher around 6-8k?

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  • 3 years ago

    Most likely, you don't want the grasp for gears 1 through three. Say you're in first driving alongside at an handy 400 mph...Ok perhaps 10 mph, You "preload" the shifter. You lift the lever unless you think the subsequent equipment, however don't definitely shift. Now hold it there with somewhat stress, like 4 or 5 kilos of stress. Now, simply back off the throttle a bit. The bike will seamlessy shift. To the following higher gear. Are attempting it.

  • Tim D
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    >"Will not take the msf. its not rocket science"

    But you will take advice from anonymous posters on a website. You have spent money to buy the bike and more to repair it – why on earth will you not pay a little more and get some professional training?

    I cannot guess what the problem is with the heat you are experiencing – the only similar experience I have heard of is a battery shorting on a seat base.

    The engine does not sound particularly healthy – it should not need to be anywhere near 7,000rpm in first to reach 25mph.

    Swallow your pride, take a professionally run class and take away some answers, riding a bike might not be rocket science but it does carry dangers – you should not be concentrating on gear changes (they should come naturally), there are far more important things to be looking and listening for.

  • Dan
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    There are NO RULES for shifting, if the bike will pull 35 in any gear that will be OK , but the higher gears will not accelerate as quickly.

    Your heat problem sounds more like design than engineering.

    The bike CAN do 15K, 8K @ 70 MPH is no worry. Relax and learn to enjoy riding.

  • 7 years ago

    thats strange about the seat getting to hot but your right you may be over working the motor but just when your cruising just watch your rpm gauge and when it gets to about 6 or 7 shift just dont let your rmo gauge over 7

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  • 7 years ago

    dude....gear shifting is ur choice...

    if u want gud pick up...thn shift gear aftr goin 2 high rpms (redline shifts wil giv u best pick up)...drag racers shift this way...evn i do...:-)

    if u want gud mileage thn shift at low rpms (just whn u hv enough torque to shift 2 nxt gear)..

    so u hv 2 shift gear depending on wht u want frm ur bike...

  • 7 years ago

    shift when rev counter hits red zone .

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