What should i do about this? Help!?

Okay so i've liked this guy for a really long time, and you could debate that i'm in love with him, but honestly lets not go into that because i will be writing all night. Anyways he doesn't like me back (i'm pretty sure) and talks about other girls when i'm around, namely the girls he likes, lets just admit he's kind of a player, and he's my best friend.. yeah. So as you can imagine the story is already screwed up, but i feel the need to get over this guy, because nothing is going to happen with him and i get really depressed when i think about him. Like bad depressed when i think about how he doesn't like me like that, mainly because since i've met him it's been nobody but him, he's just perfect to me and gahhh.. i just want to be with him forever so bad. The problem is, he doesn't like me like that, or i don't think he does. I've never told him how i feel about him, directly. he knows, but not to the extent of which i like him... he just thinks i like him a little bit... but obviously it's more than that. He's just him and he makes everything better when he's around, and though i'd love to tell the story of us to any willing reader, i'd be writing all night. So the question is what should i do? Should i speak up and get the nerve and tell him? Or should I just get over it? Because i'm so confused you don't even know.

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  • 7 years ago
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    hard spot- i wouldnt want to make the friendship awkward by confessing your feelings. Are you sure you are attracted to him romantically? Like "lets make out" feelings?? Becasue maybe it would be better off if you guys stayed as close friends! you still get to be with him all the time and hug him, can say i love you (as a friend) like a brother .. and maybe just make it clear that you get annoyed when he talks to you about other girls.. then you guys can talk about other stuff and maybe soon he will start likeing you as more than a friend!

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    7 years ago

    Let’s not believe that every person is on your level; let’s also understand that you should not waste your time with a guy you wonder about, but know very minor; let’s further consider that plenty of other guys exist who are capable, rather than effortless, would state their liking for you.

    Your question: So the question is what should i do?

    My answer: Why do you believe that you should do something?

    Your question: Should i speak up and get the nerve and tell him?

    My answer: Why do you believe that you should say something?

    Your question: Or should I just get over it?

    My answer: What do you need to get over, why, and in accordance with who or what system?

  • 7 years ago

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