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How do you change the DNA strands to RNA strands?

Please help me. I can't remember.

The question I need to answer is:

Which of the strands below is the complement to the segment GCATCCGAA of a DNA molecule?

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    You replace C with G, A with U, T with A.

    You have to have ribose sugar for RNA

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    T=A A=U C=G G=C the letters on the left are letters/nucliotides modern-day in DNA and those on the terrific suited are the letters/nucliotides modern-day in RNA..all you do is replace the letters interior the DNA strands with those they = interior the RNA stands it fairly is given above. so a million: AUG GAG GCG AGC ACA CCC AGG CUA AAA CCA UAC CUC 2. AUG GAA GCC AUA GUU GCA UUC 3. AUG GAG UGC UGG AAC i did no longer verify my artwork so double verify and make effective playstation get flammed is incorrect you employ U in RNA no longer T.

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    The matching DNA strand is CGTAGGCTT while the matching RNA strains is CGUAGGCUU

    You convert by switching C's with G's and vice verse, A's with U's and T's with A's.

    I hope this helps and you don't forget for a test!

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