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My dad is expecting too much?

I havent been doing too good at school my mom is encouraging but my dad only complains and im afraid to stand up to him because of physical contact possibilities im tough and have fought alot but against my dad he is a 6.5 250lbs and can fight well im asking if i should just fight him and show him im not gonna take this $&@? Anymore about telling me all this crap about how im a nobody i need answers ive put up with it way too long

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    Can you say with total honesty that you are doing the very best you can at school? Are you using your time for what is important or are you playing around having fun instead? Your father provides you with a place to live, food, and clothing. He has a right to expect you to be respectful when you speak to him. He has every right to tell you to try harder in school. You think you are putting up with him? Ha. He is putting up with you and he is sick and tired of it. If you cannot learn the school material, ask for help from your teachers! Don't go along and fail because you didn't understand the lesson. You have a future ahead of you that depends on you learning all you can to make your way in this world. Try living on a minimum wage job. It doesn't happen. Your father is not going to support you once you are an adult. So get busy.

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    Tell your dad that you'll get better and to just calm the **** down. Yelling wouldn't help you in any way. Take a chill pill dad. :)

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    Just talk to him and tell him that you're ganna work harder and do your best, I bet he'll understand..won't he?

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