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Car stalled out out of no where?

Hello there , I have an 01 dodge neon . This morning the car was perfectly fine but today on the freeway on my way home it felt like it jerked ? Anyways when I got to a stop sign the car stalled out , I went to turn it back on an it did then it stalled out again I tried a couple more times and it just kept stalling out right after it started . Any idea on what it could be ?

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    half a dozen off the top of my head. but at this point it's speculation. you really need to have someone who can diagnose your car to tell you if it's a major vacuum leak, a torque converter problem, or a computer problem....

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    Is it standard?? Your probably popping your clutch to fast or shifting wrong. If its automatic then I don't really know. But yea, your probably pooping your clutch to fast. Be carefull and don't stall in heavy traffic.

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    Could be the fuel pump and maybe a few dozen other things.

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