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Of mice and men question?

how do the details that George relays to Lennie about their dream place speak to the idea of the American dream?

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    they indicate that the American dream involves raising alfalfa and petting rabbits

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    7 years ago

    They conveying of the dream shows a different kind of "American Dream", one more along the lines of the right to pursue happiness. The fact that two men, unrelated, one with a mental disability, could share some thing so simple as a dream to grow alfalfa and raise rabbits speaks to a change in perspective on what we call the "American Dream".

    The stereotypical "American Dream" is a modest house, a car and 2.5 kids, this kind of illustrates what real Americans dream of, not living like the people from the 1950's television shows, but rather pursuing things that make them happy. The "American Dream" is captured when one manages to get on a path where they pursue happiness every day.

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