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Does the army accept ITT Tech credits?

I have earned both an associates degree in computer networking systems, and a bachelors degree in information systems security and I was wondering if the army accepted ITT tech credits? if I pass boot camp will I still be eligible for promotion to specialist? or does the army not accept ITT tech credits?

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    ITT tech is vocation, for-profit school. It is not a accredited college credits, so no. Your degrees are also worthless from itt tech. As many institution including accredited colleges disregard anything from for-profit schools

    @BDduddy, im pretty sure his degrees are from ITT tech, he is ineligible for OCS because his degree is not from an accredited 4-year university/state university. I doubt the army will even recognize ITT degrees or credits as legitimate. Most employers and universities wouldn't.

    In my opinion, i wouldn't either, because you just pay your way to your degree.

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    Do Itt Tech Credits Transfer

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    No, Sorry

    ITT Tech was recently discredited as a college, however, it never hurts to ask a recruiter.

    Also, you can still be promoted without education pretty quickly (assuming you do not get in to much trouble)

    But, that having been said, IF the Army accepts your credits, GO TO OCS!

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    Unfortunately, ITT tech is *only* nationally accredited which is not even the minimum regional accreditation, and it's a For-profit school. Even with those for-profit schools that are regionally accredited (such as devry, argosy, capella, university of phoenix, and strayer), their course credits usually do NOT transfer to other schools.

    This consumer site has a lot of negative posts by former students about those for-profit schools, and please heed the students' warnings: and can search.

    Please instead consider the local community college or state/public university as long as the program is accredied within the industry. (Just an fyi that "american public university" is a for-profit school.)

    For U.S. colleges (including community colleges):

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    It depends on the ITT campus you are at and the actual courses you are taking. Not all ITT campus's are accredited And even on accredited campus's, not all degree programs are accredited.

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