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Will I be ok using a level 30 developer?? Please help :(?

I am definitely not a hair color expert and need some help!

About two months ago I went to the salon and had my hair ombred from my natural color, light brown/dirty blonde, to platinum blonde at the bottom. It was done AWESOME and the platinum at the bottom was a nice pale almost whitish blonde. Welllllll.... Now the bottom has faded

It's become much more golden colored. I'd say from looking at pictures it's still like a level 9ish, maybe 8 in some spots. But it's too warm almost yellowish...

I went to Sally's (trying to save money) and told one of the girls my problem. She gave me ion color brilliance creme permanent color in high lift cool blonde

She then said I needed to mix it with a level 20 developer and that the ratio was one ounce of color to two ounces of dye..

She handed me ion sensitive scalp developer and I paid and left

When I got home I realized she said level 20 developer and when I looked at the bottle it says level 30..

Will this make a difference?? Is the mixing ratio different? On the bottle it says the ratio is 1:1 not 2:1 so now I'm very confused. I just want it to be a paler, platinum blonde and not so warm. The color she said is the correct one she gave me its just the developer

I'd appreciate the help a whole lot I don't know a lot about color

Thank you!

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    yes it will make a difference. The higher the volume, the more it will lift. Color = dye, so do you mean once ounce color to two ounces of developer? I would just use 1:1. Just make sure you don't keep it on for too long.

  • Not really. It acually depends on how light your hair is now and how light you want it. I personaly would use the higher developer because I like light hair

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