What the F**k is Ronnie Radke thinking?

I swear this son of B***tch, He used to be cool. Like my favorite Front man ever. Now after listening to Alone, It makes me want to die in a hole. Then i hear that hes been arrested at least twice since he was released from prison. changed man my a**, His attitude is just pissing me off. Your not a f****king rapper ronnie. Your a Metal frontman. Now your making Craig look cool. That's how far he's fallen.

I swear, the Day Falling In Reverse wastes they're amazing talent-and becomes sell outs.


You know, I would ask you to name those bands, but you wouldn't name any in the genre I like, So, your answer was invalid. You should have said, "Listen to a better genre". Thank you for your ever so kind opinion. So, I will say this nicely.


Update 2:


yo pussy is too small fo meh dick

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I totally agree! He used to be like my idol and falling on reverse used to be my favorite band. Now they are wasting their amazing talent on a crappy song. I can't believe that he got arrested again also I had no idea! He always talks about how he's over the whole escape the fate and Craig thing but when I watch interviews about him he clearly isn't over it and still holds a grudge. I wish he was the same rock star that I liked when falling in reverse first came together

  • Nick
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Who realy f... people go jail the time doesnt make them bad..grow up..and listen to better bands

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