Help me with my headache? 10 pts?

Come up with something to help my headache right now please.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The fact your asking on here, sound serious.

    Where is the pain and hows it feel?

    I ask because i suffer migraines, (the worst headache you can get). It's normally to one side and effects your vision, sound and light is awful.

    It could also be a tension headache, which is across the forehead (above and across the eyebrows)

    My best for either is paracetamol, but only dissolvable paracetamol as it works quicker. Normal paracetamol never works.

    Either one of them means going to a place or room you can relax.

  • 7 years ago

    Put pressure on the top of your head in the very center, push hard for about 30 seconds, then let go, repeat a few times until its gone. Also, take advil :)

  • Cold compress, Deep breaths to get oxygen to flow to your brain take medication for headache and go to sleep

    Source(s): RN
  • 7 years ago


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