Does he feel the same way or is he just being friendly?

I have known this boy since freshman year, I'm a sophomore now. He's in my homeroom since half of freshman year. I've noticed that he's quiet and only talks usually when spoken to and only laughs in homeroom. But when I'm around him he talks to me all the time, telling me funny stories and etc. Today I felt like we were looking at each other straight in the eyes. Then he tried turning away and changing the subject. I just wanna know if maybe somewhere behind the shy front he puts on if you think he feels the same way.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    it sounds like he feels like he can be himself and open up around you. thats a good thing. i think that you should wait and see before you jump to any conclusions, sometimes people are just looking for a friend and the feelings could come later.

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