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How tall will I be???

I'm currently almost 14 years old, a girl, and about 5'1.5 and 98 pounds. I just got my first period a month ago. My doctor said that I probably am done growing or at most will grow an inch more because I had a huge growth spurt and grew 6 inches in the past year. Even though they say you grow 1-2 years after your first period, because of the growth spurt and because I'm really athletic (gymnast), which could be the reason I got my period later, that I'm probably gonna be around 5'2 and only around 105 pounds :( (btw my parents are both short my mom is 5'3 and dad 5'5). my sisters are all under 5'4 and much much older so done growing. So what do YOU think? Is my doctor right? How tall do you think I will be?

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    As you are a late bloomer you will probably peak at 5'4 at 16.

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    You never know! I know a guy whose parents are both under 5`7 and he, himself turned out to be 6`3 (grandfather was tall)

    You never know with genetics

    Just avoid malnutrition by eating right, drinking lots and consuming protein daily

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