Alternative to referencing fairy tails in a story that doesn't take place in our world?

I have a problem. I am currently writing a high fantasy novel, and I have several scenes in which characters make reference to well known stories such as "sleeping beauty" and so on. However, as said before, the story doesn't take place in our world. Obviously it could be assumed that versions of such stories still exist in this world for unexplained reasons; but I still worry that some readers might not get that, or that it would break the 'flow' of the story.

Is there any alternative ways to reference such a think, without it bringing up the question of whether or not these stories exist in said world? The references just seem to fit the scenes so well.

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  • 7 years ago
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    What many writers do when their story takes place in a world other than ours is not only create a setting but enhance it with folklore of that world. You can write similar folklore or fairy tales but just put it into your stories world. In Harry Potter it takes place in a wizarding world and Hermione tells us a story of 3 wizards who were brothers who met death and got 3 gifts (elder wand, invisibility cloak, and resurrection stone). This story did not exist in our world but in the world of Harry Potter it does. Just kind of reference to that world's "Sleeping Beauty".

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    4 years ago

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