How can you upload a pic on yahoo answers for asking a question saying "am I hot?" or something?

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    7 years ago
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    Linking to a picture and asking a somewhat personal "hot or not" question is violating the chatting rules, sorry. But maybe you have another question where it is useful to know how you can let users see a picture, so here's the info nevertheless:

    Go to the website or pic on the website that you want to link to and open it. The url will be displayed in your browser window, click into it, thereby marking it. Copy the url, now you can insert it in your question or answer or in your mail. Make sure you have a blank space before and after the url, otherwise it won't be clickable.

    If you want to link to a pic which you have saved on your computer, you must get a free account with Flickr for example (belongs to Yahoo), upload your pic and then proceed as described above.

    Note: As of July 2009, YA has disabled posting of clickable links for level 1 users to prevent the creation of fake accounts for the sole purpose of spreading spam and malware. You can still post your links, but they aren't clickable until you reach level 2.

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