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How do i communicate better on the basketball court?

I play Center for my team but my coach wants me to be talking nonstop yelling screens and stuff. Sometimes i get stuck or stop talking because everything is happening so fast. What things do i say to help my teammates and so that my coach doesn't bench me.

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    You can't constantly keep working them like you do with arms. I suppose the answer is yes you can keep going but make sure to give yourself at least 2 days of rest between each jump workout. I'm a college track athlete and I do jumping events and we never have more than 3 days of heavy jumping in a week.

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    He's right. Communication is key to winning. For example, if your point guard throws a questionable pass to you and your team mate, and neither of you know who it is for someone is going to have to say, "Mine!". Are you good friends with your team mates? If not, you have to learn to. Relying on your team, communication, and trusting one another is once again, key. No team wins with out it. This is one of the reasons the Lakers sucked this year. Little communication,and everyone wants to be the star. Since you are a center it will be harder to communicate, but for offense there are many things you can do. Hold up your hand when you are open, and if you can say "Open". Maybe make a V-Cut? What ever you do hand signals and talking is key. If you want the ball you are going to need to demand it or you won't get it. On defense there are many ways to communicate. Call picks that you see, even if you are not involved in it. When there is a pick involving you remember to say "switch" or "don't switch" depending on the situation. Be careful because if you say the wrong thing, or mess up because of incorrect communication you and your team will pay for it.

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