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Help what should I do with this friendship?

Ok, so I ask the girl I liked out cause everyone said to and this is what she said " we'll idk if I'm going to the dance............but if I was it would probably be no sorry but it would be no I'm really sorry " so a few weeks later I'm walking with her and a few friends at the track and she said that I'm her best friend but another girl said I am And I sided with the other girl.says that I'm her best friend and I agree but feel bad that I'm being mean to my crush, and The other girl will poke,and hit playfully and I play back and I kinda have feelings for her but also for my crush. So does the other girl like me and am I being selfish with my crush .

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    I hate to give this answer dude, but girls are just a foreign concept to us men. there's no hope in deciphering them 100% accurately. I'm only saying that because I would need to live it in your shoes to really know for sure, and I just can't do that for you . sorry, it's kind of something you need to observe more of and find the answer out for yourself. Even then, there's a good chance you could be wrong.. :/ All I can say is, pay attention to the both of them. See how one reacts when you hang out with the other. is she constantly glancing? Is she upset? does she try to get your attention or get you away from the other girl? If so, then congratulations: You've just entered the painful event known as a "love triangle" and let me tell you buddy, they suck REALLY BAD. Best of luck with all of that, and sorry for the bullsh*t answer. Probably not what you're looking for.

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    u jus made my head hurt....ur kinda being selfish cuz of how she treated u and d other prob likes u or is jus really comfortable with u but mite prob fall for u according to how close u two get

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