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How do I train my pug Bruce to do basic tricks?

My pug Bruce is new and never knows how to do anytrick except come !!!!! HELLLpa

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    Here are some basic obedience tricks you will want to teach Bruce first:

    1. Sit (Taught to 4 dogs and 3 cats)

    To teach him this,

    -first call your dog. Have a box of dog treats with you preferably.

    -Then, when Bruce is standing, point down with your right hand and say "sit", while with your left, put your hand under his chin and gently push his chin upward, forcing him to sit.

    -When he does so, immediately tell him "Good boy!" and reward him with a treat.

    -Repeat in 10-minute training sessions, being sure to give him only small treats.

    -Do this every day, and he should learn in less than a week.

    2. Stay (taught to 4 dogs)

    -Get your box of treats ready and call Bruce over.

    -Hold your right hand out in a "stop" position, and say ONCE "stay".

    -Wait a few seconds, making sure he does not move or change position, then praise him and reward him with a treat. If he DOES move, then make an "eht!" noise and try again.

    -Try this with your dog in different positions: standing, sitting, laying down, etc.

    -Once Bruce seems to have it down, try slowly backing away while you tell him to stay, about 3 feet. Extend the distance and time as Bruce gets better at it.

    -Practice this in 10 minute sessions every day until Bruce has it down, and it should take a week or two at most.

    3. Down (taught to 4 dogs and 3 cats)

    -If Bruce puts his paws on a table, or tries to jump up on you or guests, firmly tell him "No!" and with your knee, give him a gentle shove, forcing him back onto the ground.

    -This is a gradual process, and he should get better in time.

    Once you have basic obedience down, you can try these fun tricks too!

    4. Shake (taught to 4 dogs and 1 cat)

    -With your box of treats, call Bruce.

    -Command Bruce to sit. Praise him but do not give him a treat.

    -Place a treat in your palm. Close your hand into a fist.

    -Present your hand to Bruce and tell him "Shake!"

    -If he paws at your hand with the correct paw (if you put out your right hand he should paw with his right paw, an if you put out your left hand, he should paw with his left paw), praise him and give him a treat.

    -Repeat during a 10-minute training session.

    -Be sure to only give him a treat if he uses the correct paw, and be sure to try both hands with him so that he knows how to shake with both paws.

    -This should take less than a month for him to learn, preferably about a week if you train him every day.

    5. Lay (taught to 4 dogs and 1 cat)

    -Call Bruce over with the treat box.

    -Tell Bruce to sit. Praise him but do not give him a treat.

    -Place a treat in your up-facing palm, and bring it down between his front paws slowly, saying the command, "lay!" or "down"!

    -Naturally, Bruce should follow the treat with his nose and lay down.

    -Praise and reward Bruce every time he lays.

    -Do NOT allow Bruce to eat the treat unless you have given him permission.

    -Don't EVER give him the treat unless he's done what he was told, as this will confuse him.

    -Repeat every day during 10-minute training sessions.

    -He should learn this in less than 2 weeks.

    6. Roll Over (taught to 3 dogs)

    -Call Bruce over with your box of treats.

    -Tell Bruce to sit. Praise but do not give him a treat.

    -Tell Bruce to lay down. Praise him but do not give him a treat.

    -With your right hand, spin your finger in a circle, as if you were drawing a small circle in the air with the tip of your pointer finger. Say "Roll over!" as with your left hand, you gently push him over and make him roll all the way around.

    -Reward him and give him a treat if he does it all the way.

    -Repeat in 10 minute training sessions.

    7. Speak (taught to 1 dog)

    -Find out what makes Bruce bark! Is it a doorbell, a video on YouTube, a barking noise you make, etc.?

    -Call Bruce over with your box of treats.

    -Do whatever makes Bruce bark.

    -When he barks, tell him "Speak!", praise him, and give him a treat.

    -Do this occasionally every day.

    -He should learn in less than a month.

    8. Sneeze (taught to 2 dogs)

    -Every time Bruce sneezes, say "Sneeze!", praise him, and give him a treat if you have one.

    -Over time, he will soon be able to sneeze on command!

    Other trick ideas:

    -sit up/sit pretty


    -give me a kiss

    -shut the door

    -give me a hug


    -jump through a hoop

    -jump over a bar/ruler/arm

    -jump in general

    -play dead

    -put up your toys

    -go to bed

    Source(s): I have trained 4 dogs and 3 cats to do over 100 tricks. P.S. Look out though. Bruce may be VERY stubborn. Just make absolute sure he gets the basic obedience tricks down, because every dog should learn them and it's very important! If for some reason, you are following all the steps and have been teaching him for a while and Bruce STILL is not catching on, you may want to consider enrolling him in an obedience school. Whatever the case, it's important Bruce learns all the basic obedience skills. Also, be sure he walks properly on the leash and learns to "Sit" "Stay" and "Heel" on leash, and make sure Bruce isn't tugging on the leash too much. Good luck!
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    How To Train A Pug

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How do I train my pug Bruce to do basic tricks?

    My pug Bruce is new and never knows how to do anytrick except come !!!!! HELLLpa

    Source(s): train pug bruce basic tricks: https://shortly.im/vdUd2
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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avODl

    In the beginning you have to use "consistency". Give a treat until they "get" it. I have a pug that has a mind of her own. Remember, they are lap dogs. They originally were for show and status so the breed is a little more difficult to train, in my opinion. I love pugs though, they are great companions. Good luck

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    Dachshund had some good suggestion, but pugs are notoriously stubborn! LOL! Basic obedience is always a good idea because it helps keep your dog safe and makes it a better companion. Best of luck with the tricks, though!

    Source(s): Owned be two pugs. One of them is even well behaved! The other one gets by on being sweet and adorable.
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    I'm doing basic obedience right now. My trainer hasn't once handled my dog. He has shown me how to handle my dog by using his own dog but that's about it. The reasoning is that I need to learn how to do these basic corrections and what not myself. Learn more https://tr.im/cbcix

    I have never considered sending my dog away for training. I guess I haven't found that much of a problem with him to even think about it.

    Again, it may also have to do with the level of training you are looking for etc. No idea lol. I'm not a trainer. I think a first time dog owner needs to learn simple commands and how to handle their dog themselves as well.

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    If you want it to sit hold a treat in you hand (closed) tell it to sit, lie down ect. and when he/she does reward them. After a while of rewarding he/she will know what the signal means. Always hold your hand out in a fist (as if you were going to reward him/her) saying "sit" or "down". It takes time but eventually he will get it donw.

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    You named him Bruce and now you wonder why he got the, "Homie don't play dat", attitude? Try renaming him Bruca and see if he acknowledges the new respect.

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