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Would this work to make phone waterproof?

Hey I have a galaxy s3 and waiting for the lifeproof case for it but wont be out till late summer.I have a otterbox defender series on it right now and was wondering if I put those little case thingys on the phone to make it temporarily waterproof on the phone and then put the case on put a new baggy everytime I submerge it but just wondering if this would work.any suggestions would be great thanks!

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    What would possible make you want to submerge a phone underwater in a baggie? You can't use it, so just don't do it. And if it did work, it really isn't worth the risk.

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    there's no such element as a water-resistant telephone. There are climate evidence telephones and that extraordinarily lots covers them getting sprinkled on yet by no skill submerged. Your pal if she hasnt already now has moisture injury to her telephone and if there are any issues however if it must be traced back to a producer situation terrific desire she has assurance to interchange it. there's a liquid injury indicator in each and every telephone. this does not purely teach that there is water injury yet whilst the telephone had intense moisture exposure or severe temps like leaving your telephone interior the vehicle for prolonged classes. until now you message interior the bathe, verify your mum and dad have assurance on your telephone.

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