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How do i save up on hamster bedding?

I am making a bin cage for my new hamster so i can give a lot of space to run around and play , but since I will have a bigger cage that means more bedding.. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Having a larger cage also mean fewer bedding changes so you could already save in the long run. To save even more on hamster bedding, you can do the following:

    1) Spot-clean and pick out any stained bedding/poop every day. If you do this, your cage won't stink up even if you don't make a full bedding change for a while

    2) Have a hamster toilet/bath with sand in it. I find my hamsters more likely to pee on the sand than in other areas. You can buy the toilet/bath at any pet shop or make your own: http://dwarfhamsterblog.com/diy-hamster-bath-house...

    3) Make your own bedding, ErinsHamsters on Youtube has a great video that teaches you how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNz6fwEvrjs

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    Recipe for Homemade bedding


    Cut Up Paper

    Drainer or Old T-Shirt

    Big Bucket or Pot

    Step 1:

    Put all the Cut Up Paper in the big bucket

    Step 2:

    Put water in with it

    Step 3:

    Squeeze the Paper

    Step 4:

    Dump the paper in drainer and squeeze some more.

    Step 5:

    Repeat This Twice

    Source(s): I was fooling around and made it
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    Go to Walmart and get a few rolls of 79 cent paper towels. Ripe them apart into their sheets and put a few layers on the bottom of the cage. Also the hamster will love ripping them up and playing with them and it will give him something to do.

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    A cheap bedding I recommend and use myself is Kaytee Clean and Cozy. It lasts a long time since it comes compressed and its safe, unscented, and fluffy and soft. My hamster loves it. Only $8-15 at Petsmart and sometimes there are sales.

    You can use shredded paper or tissue but it wont be as absorbent or odor controlling.

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    use cut up newspaper, old magazines, etc.

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