Friend can't sleepover for some reason?

At the beginning of my junior year in high school I became friend with this guy. Since then we've become really great friends and I consider him a best friend. I invited him to sleepover my house on friday and he said he had to ask his mom and she said no. I don't know his mom or anyone in his family, just him. I was really looking forward to having this sleepover lol. What should I do? He didn't give me a reason why. We are both 17. He's slept over at other friends houses and i feel like its me. Or because I live 20 minutes away but then again he's gone to other states to visit family and friends alone.


One of his friends doens't know his mom and he's only seen her once. I've never seen his parents

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  • 7 years ago
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    You have to make his mom know you so you and your parents can be friend so she has no worry of anything.

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