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Who is the god of horrible sleep apnea?

And what's his problem?


Venus is trying to choke me out.

Update 2:

My Epiglotticus is haunted....or busted ....or something.

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    Venus rules Taurus, which rules the throat.

    Try sleeping in a recliner. It's the only thing I know to tell you. :(

    (alcohol will make sleep apnea worse)

  • get a cpap or start playing the didgeridoo, playing the didgeridoo over time is known to help with sleep apnea and snoring in general, and other throat, mouth, and head exercises that singers use.

    there is very good medical treatment for sleep apnea.

  • vaden
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    Yup I've had sleep paralysis for 8 years and it nonetheless occurs to me now. I might be scared additionally it's not valued at it though. The extra you believe afraid that's the way it's gonna be. The sensation sucks now not equipped to maneuver and all. I've examine it too and sincerely it can be whilst you wake up at the same time your physique is asleep Feeling a nasty presents in the room. Seeing that your brain is alert. Nothing to worry about. It should fade away over time.

  • Deblyn
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    It all started with Hypnos, who was father figure for Morpheus. Hypnos' wife got tired of her husband snoring so she hexed him with periods of "Apnea" so she could get a few minutes of sleep in between snores.

    Thus Hypnos decided other men would suffer thru eternity. Just like him. Sourpuss!

    Source(s): Registered Polysomnographer. (RPSGT) Sleep specialist. This was the best description of sleep apnea I have ever told ♥
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  • /\
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    8 years ago

    Try sleeping on your side.

    The sleep demons hate that.

    If you roll over a lot in your sleep,

    you're going to need a spooner..

    or two.

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    obesity. His problem is that people with sleep apnea need to lose weight.

    Source(s): GP
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The sleeponatriac kitten, may his reign haunt your sleep.

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