Ethical dilemma, cell phones and tablets? I am going overseas and could use a gps and web browser?

I have an ethical dilemma, I am going overseas and could see the ease of using a tablet or cell phone that can get on the web. But all of these products I have read so far seems to be made from slaves and tortured people. From China's factories assembling electronics in horrific conditions to the minerals mined from Congo where children and women are raped and killed for control over natural resources.

So is there any electronics in the market today that doesn't have blood on them for our convenience? What is the solution if any? If the real solution go back to using paper maps and compass for navigation? Browse the web only when in front of an old computer?

What is the solution?

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  • 7 years ago
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    chances are those "paper maps and compass" and "old computer" is also made in china by what you call slaves.

    there are products made in the USA, Mexico, Canada, the UK, and other countries, you just need to find one that is from a country you think is better, they all will have them listed somewhere on the box.

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