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2004 ford free star low transmission fluid?

OK I was driving down the road today I notice for the 1st time that the transmission was not wanting to shift into 1st gear and I would have to let go of the gas pedal then push it then shifts fine and all other gears work great even reverse or over drive when I check the fluid it was 1 quart low and the fluid is really black but im changing it tomorrow can low fluid cause it to not shift right. and the dip stick had black burn marks as well I just bought the van last week I take could care of my cars but just wondering van has 229k on it but the transmission is under warranty due to recall .the van only didn't want to shift 4 times at a stop at light then other times it shift fine.

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    likely the transmission is shot and the previous owner knew that , probably filled it with transmission conditioner which has now leaked out so he could sell it

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    Yep, low oil will cause your transmission to shift funny, or not at all. The fact that it's black is adding insult to injury. Have the oil changed, this should help out a good bit. If not, use your warranty, if it actually covers such a repair.

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