How much CO2 needed to make octane?

Balanced: 16CO2(g) +18H2O(l) 2C8H18(l) +25O2(g)

1 gallon of gas weighs 3700 g. From the balanced reaction, find out how many moles of CO2 are needed to make that many moles of octane, which is a gallon of gas.

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  • 7 years ago
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    (3700 g C8H18) / (114.22929 g C8H18/mol) x (16 mol CO2 / 2 mol C8H18) x

    (44.00964 g CO2/mol) = 11400 g CO2

    (Although it is difficult to imagine any conditions under which this reaction would actually occur. In fact the arrow of that reaction points to the left.)

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