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What Are Some Lame Catch Phrases?

Out dated old lame ones everyone knows & heard

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    I'll smell ya later

    I'll catch you on the next train

    I'll eat your dinner

    I'll order your fries

    I'll make a salad

    I'll walk your dog

    I'll do my taxes

    I'll look at my car

    I'll wash the dog

    I'll wash the cat

    I'll eat a pear

    I'll drive a camel

    I'll look up phonics

    I'll do your laundry

    I'll sing happy birthday

    I'll catch up on some reading

    I'll eat your napkins

    I'll look at a playboy magazine

    I'll cook your breakfast

    I'll look at the stars

    I'll ignite the candle

    I'll make a bomb

    I'll eat a bomb

    I'll be a bomb

    I'll play on my iPhone

    I'll eat your tuna

    I'll eat a blue waffle

    I'll eat a waffle

    I'll be a Waffen SS

    I'll eat a cow

    I'll see through to the end

    I'll use a napkin

    I'll start to run out of ideas

    I'll make sure you know I have a lot of time on my hands

    I'll run a mile

    I'll eat a strudel

    I'll not answer you question

    I'll find a hotel

    I'll find a motel

    I'll sleep in a bed

    I'll eat a noodle

    I'll suck a doodle

    I'll walk poodle

    I'll look at you

    I'll make sure you look at me

    I'll make a good catch phrase

    I'll get best answer

    I'll waste your time

    I'll still be typing

    I'll run out of ideas

    I'll stop typing soon

    I'll make sure you're close to the end

    I'll check if the end is near

    I'll end the world

    I'll soon stop typing

    I'll tell you that I was just kidding

    I'll keep going

    I'll go somewhere else now

    I'll tell you I'm getting a little bored

    I'll stop now

    I'll say goodbye

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    Lame Catch Phrases

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    "Woooo!!!! Wooo!!! Woooo!" - Zack Ryder What does that even mean?

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    I'll be back...


    You talkin' to me?

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