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She wont date me because im black?

Theres this girl that ive liked for a month or 2 but she dosent know i exist so im not in the friend zone. The problem is she thinks all black people want to have sex and run but thats not true. I berely even act like a black person i usually act white just because thats how i was raised. (Btw im dark skinned 5,8 glasses 15 years old in 9th grade). A friend of mine asked her if she would go out with a black guy and she said "HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!" And that makes me feel like im not good enough or somthing. I want to be her first black bf but she wont give my race the time of day what do i do ?!?!?


Shes not racist at all she has tons of black white asian and mexican friends but partner wise she thinks black guys at our school are "ghetto" and only care for her body not her as a person

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    First of all the fact that you are still willing to give this girl a chance (and yes you are giving her a chance) is amazing

    You should never feel unworthy of someone especially because of your race and by the way there is no acting white or black you can not act like a color

    But maybe if she actually knew you and got to know you she would give you a chance but the way you described her makes her sound beyond rasist and you can't change that its hard to change the way people think

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    7 years ago

    She could be shallow. Remember, stay away from the shallow girls.

    Actually get to know her as a person before you ask her out. Don't get TOO friendly because then what will happened is you'll get yourself in the friend zone. Like find out her interests and dislikes, but NOT what's happening in her life. For example, it's good to find out her favorite music artist, but not when the last time she's listened/bought their last album. Don't ask her too many personal questions and mix it up with flirting. She won't notice.

    If you want to date her only because she's pretty, well stop yourself there. You gotta think, will you be committed to this relationship? Yes? Then get to know her and how she treat people and herself. If the answer is still yes, you're good, if the answer is no, save some tears and broken hearts.

    Last, make her like you. She won't date you if she doesn't like you.

    Other things are to prove you're not like the rest, and to show you really care about her.

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    Hm, its so sad because I think a lot of rowdy black people ruin high school. I know there lots of nice black people, but some are just so mean to me, I'm in the 9th grade too, I'm small and white and although I don't consider myself to be a racist, I definitely think in general behavior-wise most black people are more rude that white people. The black sprinters on my track team act like they're so much better than me, but we are all equal humans, the girl your talking about is probably just thinking about those obnoxious groups of "ghetto" people that just want sex. Just show her that your not one of them.

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    She is an idiot and does not realize what a good catch you are. You have plenty of time to find the right girl.

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  • Chafe
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    7 years ago

    Try get denied keep trying if no effort works move on

  • love
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    7 years ago

    Why would u want a racist gf?

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Well, she is very dumb then if thats the reason.

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    Nothing. You can't help you aren't her type and neither can she.

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