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Hi I'm sorry if its a little long but I thought it would help , I'm Marie ,btw in 13 years old 4''9 and love ACTING but anyway my biggest dream I have always had since i was 11 was to become a successful actress. I told my dad when I was 11 and he didn't take it as serious but when I turned 12 I brought it to his attention again and he told me he would get me into acting classes and support me threw anything if I fount a place were it had acting classes and was this something I was going to stick to. I was sure I wonted to. The school I go to Now is a private school at lot of activity to choose from for one drama team and chapel drama , chapel drama was something you didn't have to audition for but the drama team yes, There was a play coming up and I'm a pretty shy person stating the fact how much i wont to be an actress but i got the monologue and studied night and day until I had it down pack i thought maybe this audition could boast my confident when time for audition came I tried to do my best to stay relaxed saying it was my first audition. after it was over i felt like i did good but not good enough. I was hoping I got call backs even if it was a extra i was determent , The next to days I made call back and we had to re-sight some lines in a small play I only had one line. The next day we went to see who made it my name wasn't up there I was pretty heart broken but I didn't wont to give up One huge problem when i was I lived in Atlanta were its easier to find a place for acting classes but I move to Mobile Alabama When I was 12 and there's nothing really down here . I recently fount a place in Biloxi Mississippi called Color campus which is about 45 minutes from were i live. And I thought It would be nice to go ahead and start..the sooner the better but every time the day came up for my first day of acing class something ends up getting in the way It seem the only way you can get notice is in LA and New York. I kind of gave up thinking maybe acting is just not for me. I've tried everything I know getting out there takes time Its not magic but getting started is harder than I could ever Imagine. I need a head shoot an agent a actress Porfirio I have none of that I have a long way to go but right now i feel like this might not be for me but this is something I love doing I guess I'm just LOSTTT I've been doing ALOT of research and I need a lot of things before I can even look at a agent .This summer I'm trying to go to Atlanta to see what I can do ..... but I need a little help ....How or Where can i get my head shoot? and do You get a agent first ? and whats a acting portfolio in details ? How long from now do you think I need of acting class before a agent ? Could I get a big job threw casting calls ? How to get over my shyness? sorry for all the questions I just really feel like one day I could be on the big screen and people tell me all the time when i tell them I wont to be a actress they just laugh and say you just wont to be famous , I don't wont to be a actress for the fame , You'll never get anywhere like that anyways I wont it because its something i love yes Im ready for rejection but just getting into one audition would be a blessing honestly ...anyone can HELP -love Marie

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    You obviously love acting, so my advice would be focus on that - acting! Stop worrying about having to make money at it. You don't need a professional acting career as a child to have one as an adult. In fact, many child actors have a lot of trouble transitioning to an adult acting career. You don't need a head shot and an agent and all that to learn and grow and become the best actor you can. In fact focusing on that indicates that you might be more interested in being famous then creating characters and entertaining people.

    I would suggest instead of looking for head shot photographers and talent agents you look for opportunities to act and perform locally. Focus on "blooming where you are planted" and build a local reputation as a talented, mature actor. And that will take time - but if you later decide you do want to pursue an acting career, that's what is going to help you. Some things you can do:

    * Acting classes. Voice and dance lessons can be helpful too.

    * Audition for what you can - school plays, community theater, student films, local productions. Performing with a choir or a dance troupe or other performance group is also helpful. Contact local film schools and ask how they find actors for student films and check those resources. It's a bit of a long shot since generally they're often looking for older people, but you can try. Also check out the website for your local film commission and see what opportunities are there.

    * Read plays and scripts - all kinds - and keep an eye out for characters and monologues you love and want to develop.

    * Read books and websites about acting - the craft/technique and the business end of things too.

    * Join Speech/Drama club and look into competing in the acting divisions of forensic competitions.

    * Get together with friends and play improv games, make your own home movies or web series, put on your own productions.

    * Keep up your grades in school. Embrace learning, you never know when you can somehow use that information later.

    Then you can look into an acting school/program for after high school. It's not required for a professional career, but it can be helpful. Understand that professional acting is a business - so if you do pursue it professionally you would need to understand the industry. And as a minor it would be YOUR PARENTS (not you) who would have to do a lot of the research into the business end of things because it's them who will be having to sign legal contracts and the like.

    To briefly answer your questions:

    How or Where can i get my head shoot? - You research and find a professional head shot photographer. At this point, you don't need one.

    and do You get a agent first ? - Generally you need a head shot and resume in order to get an agent. Agents are paid on commission getting a percentage of what their cliens make. (Never pay an agent up front.) Since they are paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. They're not there to make your dreams come true - they have a morgage to pay and they need to make money. So you can't just go out an hire an agent, it's more like they choose you.

    and whats a acting portfolio in details ? - Actors don't really have "portfolios" - that's more for models. Actors have a head shot and a resume. Once you have some film work you can create a "reel" (examples of your previous film work to show to agents).

    How long from now do you think I need of acting class before a agent ? - Depends on what professional work is in your area. Living in Mobile you're not going to get an talent agent in LA or NYC to represent you - you wouldn't be able to make local auditions and so couldn't book jobs and so the agent would make no money. And there may not be enough professional work in your area to warrent you getting an agent at this point.

    Could I get a big job threw casting calls ? - Depends what you mean by a "big job". You could submit your head shot and resume to a Disney casting call, but without an agent or connections or being part of the union (SAG-AFTRA for screen work) it's doubtful you would ever get an audition. That's like buying a lottery ticket and expecting to win a million dollars. But you could look for casting calls in your area and see what might work for you.

    How to get over my shyness? - Keep practicing and learning and gaining confidence in your skills. As you keep acting (even in small things) you'll start to get more comfortable on stage and hopefully that will help with your shyness.

    Good luck.

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    To start off, convince your parents to take you to acting classes or film acting classes (So you can get used to infront of the camera, if you want to be a tv/film actor)

    Once you think you're confident enough for the next step, head to your community theatre and ask if they have auditions for plays. Maybe you might want to watch one of their shows first to see how everything goes. And at the end of the show, inquire, ask and tell one of the theatre people, or even ask one of the actors that you want to be part of any show. This will lead you to auditions.

    Depending on the play, you might need to memorize a monologue or they have a script from the play and you have to memorize that.

    Keep auditioning and be involved in musical theatre a lot! This will help you, and give you experience.

    When you think you're ready, head to your local Talent Agency and apply there. Apply/Look for an Agent. An Agent will help you find auditions for TV/Film/Commercial and will possibly take you there (not sure)

    You also need a professional photographer to take headshots of you for your resumé. Don't let a

    friend or your Dad to take a photo of you. Get a PROFESSIONAL photographer to do that for you.

    It will cost a lot of money, but trust me, it's worth the money.

    Because casting directors also cast actors and look at their headshots first before the resumé. Some resumés are just chucked in the bin without second thoughts.

    While you have an Agent helping you find auditions, don't stop taking Acting classes and don't be part of musical theatre that much since you have quite enough experience.

    Acting is a business, which means you are marketing yourself, your face, your body, your voice.

    You will probably audition for more than 20 times before you get a role. If you don't get a callback from the casting director, then that's okay, head to your next audition. It isn't because the casting directors weren't impressed at your audition, it's because you are not the type of product they are looking for.

    They look for the perfect product then can use for their project. That product is you. The product should be talented, experienced. Actors also should learn how to sing and dance. Take some classes to help you.

    I think that is too much information but I hope I helped.

    If this is what you want to do, you want to do this as your job, then go for it!

    Just don't give up and keep going. Not all actors are given a role after they audition :)

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    No you do not have to go to California to get into appearing or to find a excellent performing college. As a rule in each state there are some pretty excellent performing faculties. In case your particularly enthusiastic about acting schools, you must find a just right acting Agent. Probably the most quite just right ones at the moment are retired Producers who up with their spare time courses. Just like Modeling verify out their earlier experiences and what they are identified for...My daughter was once taught by way of a gentleman named Phillip Karr in Orlando Florida, his spouse is now strolling the exhibit. But he worked in Hollywood for decades as good as new york and the pupils had the chance to without a doubt go to LA and meet Producers and many others.....Want you the entire pleasant....

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    My boyfriend's mother just moved from Mobile, AL and she worked at the "Southern Alabama Family Theater Company"

    you should "like" their Facebook page, and be on the lookout for auditions!

    I can't help you MUCH with film since I'm a stage actress. BUT...

    Ken Weingart takes REALLY great headshots! His website kinda confused me...but he has a number to call in Mobile so he might shoot headshots there? Have your dad give him a call! If he doesn't do them there, or Ken is too expensive (which he probably will be, headshots usually run me about $400 every 5 years) heck, you're in Alabama, go to JCPenny or something, and have them take your picture! You can always get something more professional done when you move to a big city! (8 by 10)

    Your headshot needs to be 100% you, and tell casting directors who YOU are as a performer.

    You should probably also get different types for different roles. For a basic example I have one where I'm serious, and one that's more light hearted!

    You'll need to type up a resume, and it'll probably be really really short since you're just starting, but white space is good!

    Here's what you're gonna want on your basic resume: (should never exceed 1 page in length)

    Center your Name in a bigger font at the top (your union affiliations will eventually go under this, but you have none right now!)

    under that include (In smaller font of course, in this order, and label them as such!)

    First column-

    Email address:

    Phone Number:

    Second column-



    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

    Vocal Range: (only if you're auditioning for musicals!) :-)

    THEN Label and list

    Theatre Experience:

    (include name of show, your role, and the Theatre Company...into coloums!) Example:

    SWEENEY TODD (yahoo won't let me create big spaces) Joanna (big space) Provision Theatre

    KISS ME KATE (big space) Kate/Lilly Vanessi ( columned by category) Circle Theatre

    FOOTLOOSE (hope you're getting this) Ensemble (big space) Paragon Theatre Company

    Film Experience:

    (when you have some...list the same way)

    Special Skills:

    can you whistle? put it down!

    Can you do any accents extremely well? Put it down!

    Can you skate? Put it down!

    ...don't make it too long though... about 3 or 4 continuous lines in the document (with commas!)

    Training: at this point, if you take a class, put it down. Just to give them SOMETHING

    Okay, you've got your headshot and resume (both need to be 8 by 10)...put their backs together, and staple!! :-) This is what you will hand to casting directors at your auditions.

    I doubt your parents are going to move you to Hollywood any time soon since you have no experience, and they aren't taking you seriously right now, but if acting is something you MUST do then you need to look into getting into a great college for film. Since that's coming up in about 5 years! (p.s. still unclear if you're wanting to do screen or stage, but I'm assuming screen)

    UCLA is a good one, off the top of my head! They'll teach you everything you don't know ;-) and they may give you the chance to get an agent in the process.

    Audition for everything you possibly can, and get as many credits as you can on your resume. Type "auditions Mobile AL" into google, lots of things come up!

    I just found "Mobile Playhouse in the Park!" that's a great one! check all of their pages often for audition updates.

    As for being nervous, It happens. It still happens to me! The only way to lessen it is to know your monologues and such backwards and forward. The more you practice, the more confident you'll be, and the less you'll feel anxious about the situation. Also, eat a banana an hour before auditioning/performing. It's light, and the potassium calms nerves!

    Hope I at least got you started, good luck!

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