MP3 Splitter for Mac?

I have the Led Zeppelin discography on my computer, all 9 albums in FLAC. Painfully for me, each album came as one giant file, rather than individual files for each song.

My first project is Led Zeppelin 1. I took the FLAC file and used LAME to convert it to MP3 128 kbps. Nice, now I have the album in the format that I want. The problem now is that it's one big file that's about 41 mb, so the entire 44 minute album as one MP3 file. I want to split the songs separately from the file. There's 9 songs, so I want 9 different files.

I thought it would be easy to find an application for this but the one's I've downloaded were either too hard for me to figure out and use, only let me do a certain amount, or wouldn't even open. Like wtf? I didn't think this part would be this difficult. It's a pain in the ***. All I want to do is easily split the file up into 9 pieces.

I'm asking, does anybody know of a GOOD, FREE, EASY, and WORKING Mac application that I can use to split this beast into the right pieces? And quick instructions on how to use it?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Set iTunes Preferences > Advanced for MP3 as the import format.

    – Click once to select the song in the library list.

    – Then File > Get Info. In the Options tab, choose the start time / stop time.

    – With the original song selected, go to Advanced menu > Convert selection to MP3.

    – After a few seconds, you will have your segment with new name of "Dazed and Confused1.mp3" or whatever. Play it to see if you are satisfied with the edit. Trash it if you are not and then tweak the segment start/stop time again. The location of the segment could be in "Unknown Artist" or whatever.

    If you thought you could find some app that knows where the breaks are between tunes, think again. Finding the breaks yourself, and using iTunes, you will spend 15-20 minutes for each album, and that's about as little wasted time as you can expect. Now you probably wish you hadn't been so cheap and had paid the lousy 99 cents per song.

    Why did you choose 128k? That's mighty "lame". I always choose 320k. Some geeks claim they can hear the difference between my 320k and FLAC, so they will cringe to hear your low-fi 128k. If Lame doesn't allow 320k, try Max, free, link below.

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