Im 19 my bro is 25 & sis is 28 my brother cant accept that im here my mom got pregnant with me randomly...?

What should i do he's such an *** he doesn't think before speaking tonight my mom was telling me not to eat anything after midnight cause of my surgery in the morning & he said it will be the 2 of us the classic way which means my mom & him & I'll be dead if the anesthesia gets mixed wit mom tld him to shutup

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think he is worried about you and your surgery, that's how brothers act when they can't say I love you bro, see you soon. That's the way my sons (3) talk to each other and they are all in their 40's but would not want anything to happen to each other. Your mom stood up for you she loves you and is worried too.

    Hope your surgery goes well. :-))

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