Starting a YouTube account..?

I'm going to be starting a YouTube account with posting beauty/tag and challenge videos soon so any tips?

Also should I start vlogging right away or wait a while?

How many videos should I upload a week to try to get popular on YouTube?

How long does it usually take to become pretty popular or to even have around 1000 subscribers?

When do you become a YouTube partner?

Thanks in advance!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Let's start from the top

    TIPS: Focus on stuff you haven't seen on youtube that you would like to show people how to do, stuff you taught yourself how to do, or even stuff you have seen you just think you do it a better, cleaner, or even more efficient way to do so. SECOND TIP: you don't necessarily have to have some big expensive camera to start out with (but if you do GREATT ! you ahead of the game) as long as you have great lighting then you should be fine. Also, a good eye catching girl back ground. THIRD TIP: placement for best professional out take. you need to have a desk or table of some sort . just where you are going to be doing your makeup. have the camera on a small pod (holds camera in place) at the back of the desk at eye level if you have a camera where you can flip the screen around to see yourself do that! have a tiny mirror directly in front of you and the camera, but not in the way of the camera lins so when doing your makeup then camera can see you clearly and you can see you clearly. Also, have your two BRIGHT lights right behind your camera. It will help for that HD effect and good lighting. FOURTH TIP: be yourself, DON'T be shy, have fun, ALWAYS look at the camera as much as possible . show your personality a bit and be a little fun and goofy. No one likes a boring tutorial or anything . Also the beauty tags and challenges I think you should hold off on until you have more subscribers and what not . LET THEM PICK YOUR CHALLENGE!! :D HAVE LOTS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES JUST FOR YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. it will help you create a larger fan base :) that means tumblr, twitter, facebook, anythingg.

    2.) I think you should wait awhile on vlogging again for your fan base. The more fans you get the more they are going to want to know about your personal life. And the vlogs are for you to let your fans on a little sneak peak of that ! :D I mean would you rather watch a strangers personal life or someone you admire ??

    3.) Honestly, If you want to look at numbers 1-2 a week, but really you can upload as many as you want ! :D whenever your bored or anxious to show someone something just make it and upload it! the more videos the more subscribers you will get :) You decide how many you upload when you upload and what you upload that's the perks of having your own youtube account!

    4.) popularity on youtube really depends on your personality, what you are doing in the video, and what the title is. Like , if you upload a video of something that is very popular seached in the makeup department like... how to do a perfect winged eyeliner or something (just an example that is oftenly searched for) and you are funny and full of energy and happy and exploading with personality and you are good, and you have a pleasant eyepopping look too your video before they watch it and YOU ARE GOOD AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN THE VIDEO people will watch it, and watch more of your videos, and the subscribe and your subscribers will just keep growing from there! :D

    5,) you can be a youtube partner AT ANY POINT with ANY VIDEO as long as in the settings of uploading it you make it monotized and it will tell you to read the requirement and all that READ THEM. they are long but there are stuff in there people don't know about like once you are a youtube partner you are one for a really really really reallyyyy long time. and they have rules for the videos before they can be monotized. but yes you can be a partner even with your first video . Just you have to upload a lot of videos .. pretty frequently and atleast get one video monotized, and everyone you get monotized will put ads on them and you will get money..

    hope i helped. you're welcome :)

  • 7 years ago

    Being partner is base on your view raito not ur subs an 2 vids a week one for ur vlog other for beauty vids have fun

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