misfire on a 65 mercury comet?

I have been having a Misfire on my Car eversince I Bought it a month and a half ago and im wondering if its a Plug/plugs or wire/wires.

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  • 7 years ago
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    take the spark plug out and make sure you're getting good compression with the misfire piston

    if not then you have bad rings or a warped valve

    then test the spark plug

    if no spark, then you might have a bad spark plug, wires, ignition coil, ect.

    last make sure you're getting a good fuel mixture

    make sure no vacuum leak or improper fuel delivery

  • 4 years ago

    do no longer get excited. you're on objective to do what all automobile adult men do with their new automobile. Get it working suitable. considering the fact which you're in digital mode, end the music up. so which you have new plug wires. to your guy or woman peace-of-techniques replace the plugs, distributor cap, rotor and condenser. All it is decrease than $one hundred. i could spend a splash greater to swap the coil cord and replace the coil with a warmer, oil stuffed coil. Double verify the plug cord routing and attempt to stay away from bundling them at the same time. Then start off the Comet and notice the way it runs. With the warmer coil you will desire to improve the timing a splash, and because you're twiddling with the timing besides, flow it up 2 ranges and make a psychological observe of this certainty. How's it working now?

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