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How much LSD does it take to definitely damage you?

If someone takes acid how much will it take to damage you mentally pretty much without a doubt? (in terms of tabs) I know everyone's different but there must be an amount that we can all agree on! Also, does it cause schizophrenia?

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    no, there is no evidence that any amount causes mental damage or schizophrenia. Lies about this are VERY common, but still lies.

    doses equivalent to 30-40 tabs have been used for psychiatric research and there is extensive peer reviewed literature on the harmlessness of doses of this size. (we're talking 3-4 milligrams here.)

  • Stu T
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    I would say 10 tabs taken at once would guarantee mental collapse. As for schizophrenia, I don't think that it causes it, but if you had a tendancy towards develping it, acid would definetly help it along.

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    7 years ago

    a bible (10 sheets = 1000 doses)

    You can't really measure in doses cause i ate single doses before that were stronger than 5 doses

    i doubt it cause schizophrenia, also if someone has schizophrenia it doesn't start until around their mid 20's

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    Too many variables... it can be 1 dose or 40 it depends on the mindframe of the user. It also depends on dosage and paper weight.

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