Do I text her too much or the right amount?

So I've been hanging out with my crush a lot lately. Im usually the one who texts first. She sometimes takes a while to respond but I know shes a really busy person. but whenever she responds she has something to say and we always spark great conversations. Lately I realized I've been texting her every day to hangout and although she totally fine with hanging out with me, I don't want to look clingy. Should I stop texting her for a while? Shes the girl all the guys want and I don't want to look like another one of those creepy guys. Shes a real unique girl and I don't want to ruin it by making me look clingy.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Girls love to be texted and paid attention to. I would just continue doing what you are doing. If you are young --- in your teens --- chances are the relationship will be short-lived anyway so I would just enjoy it while it lasts. Do something special for her to make her feel that there is something different about you compared to other guys who may be giving her attention.

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