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How much would a 64 Thunderbird sell for?

I have a 64 Thunderbird with 51,000 miles on it... How much do you think it would sell for?

Note: The car has no blinkers or brake lights.

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    At least $500. It's hard to say because you completely fail to state anything meaningful about the car's condition, history, etc....

    And there is NO way a nearly 50 year old car could have that many miles. It's turned over (possibly more than once) or the odometer been turned back.

    Source(s): ASE Certified Mechanic for 22 years.
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    Condition matters a lot. If the inside is clean, and it still runs, it could be worth $20,000. But that also depends on who wants to buy at that point in time. A figure like $10,000 does not seem unreasonable to me though. It is a collectable model, and very low miles.

    Minor problems don't matter.

    In fact, anyone would assume they would have to complete replace brakes, hydraulics, mufflers and tailpipes, electronics, alternator, battery, seals, etc.

    But that is all taken for granted on an old classic.

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