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I have a question about social security benifits?

My 23 year old nephew was living in an abusive situation in AK with his aunt, my sister. While he was there he was receiving SSI for a learning disability. When I came to visit he decided to leave with me and move down to the states with other family members, he would’ve stayed with me but I was homeless at the time. He stayed for a couple weeks and started on working on transferring his benefits to that state. Then the situation with that family starting getting really bad too. From where he went and stayed with a friend of his dads in the same state. Things got physically abusive and he ran back after just a couple months to the first family. Now the first family has become his benefit payees and they are claiming because he ran so many times that the social security department says that he will lose his benefits if he doesn't stay with them for at least 2 years.

I don’t know the first thing about SSI benefits but it just doesn’t sound right, is it true? He desperately wants to come live with me but at the same time he’s scared to lose his benefits. I think his relatives are holding him hostage. My nephew told me that the husband, wife and their child that is almost 30 is living in a small motel room with him and that they are charging him rent for a space in that single room that they are all living in. In addition they’re finding all kinds of reasons to take the full amount of money for their use only. The won’t allow him to get a drivers license or a car and he is stuck in the motel room every day. He wants to get his GED and finish his education but they won’t allow it. They have threatened that if he is gone more than 3 hours that they will call the police.

I need to know if he can really lose his benefits and also what I should do. I have never been in this kind of situation before. Our family both on my side and on his are very, very terrible and neither one of us have anybody to turn to.

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    He cannot lose his benefits because he won't stay with someone for a certain period of time.

    He does not need to live with you in order for you to be his payee. It is preferable that he live with his payee - but it is not necessary. You and he should visit the nearest social security office asap and you should file to be his payee. You can then use the money to find him a place of his own to live in - either a small apartment or a room. The payee's job is to cover the cost of his living expenses so you would be responsible for paying his rent, utilities and to see to it that he has food. If they won't make you his payee because you are homeless then he can ask them to appoint a professional payee. Social Security uses professional payees all the time when a person has no one who is responsible enough to do the job as it should be done. A good professional payee helps a beneficiary find housing and pays the bills.

    You and he could also visit the welfare department to see what assistance they can give him in the form of food stamps and perhaps they can refer him to somewhere regarding housing.

    Source(s): Retired social security claims rep.
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