Explain Cardiorespiratory System?

Write 1-2 paragraphs explaining the anatomy of the cardiorespiratory system and how blood flows through the heart and to the lungs and how oxygen is acquired and how carbon dioxide is released as waste.

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    respiratory system: lungs, diaphragm, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli

    circulatory system (cardiovascular system): heart, arteries, veins, arterioles, venules, capillaries

    deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs through pulmonary artery, pumped by right ventricle

    oxygenated blood from lungs to heart into left atrium, through pulmonary vein, pressure from RV and LA

    as blood passes lungs, it passes through capillaries wrapped around alveoli which are highly vascular.

    oxygen from alveoli diffuse to blood

    carbon dioxide from blood to alveoli


    inspiration draws in oxygenated air for the body, expiration removes air with higher carbon dioxide concentration

    mechanisms for inspiration and expiration you can google it yourself

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    Explain The Cardio Respiratory Process

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