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Who throws the engagement party?

My bf and I just got engaged this past Easter Sunday. I'm new to the whole wedding etc stuff and was wondering who usually throws the engagement party? Or do people not really do that now a days?

I feel sad that no one has offered or even brought it up? Am I suppose to bring it up to my family? His? I just figured whomever would just throw a little get together to celebrate our engagement. I suppose it's not something normal in MY family as my 3 other siblings all had children out of wedlock and only one of them got married! When my nephew was 12! So maybe they don't know better?

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    A lot of older people have no familiarity with engagement parties. Most people don't have one.

    We had one because my family and my fiance's had never really met. They live in another town. Also, at the time, we thought we wouldn't be getting married for about 2 years, so we were wanting to celebrate the engagement because we knew there would be a lot of time in between our engagement and the actual wedding.

    We threw it ourselves. Most of family really didn't know what to do... should they bring gifts, how formal, etc. We just had his immediate family and mine and our closest friends over to our apartment one night. I made tea and sangria and food, and people just mingled and got to know each other. A few couples gave us bottles of wine, but most people didn't bring gifts, and we certainly didn't expect any.

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    An engagement party is meant to announce your engagement and introduce the future in-laws to one another Most people have no reason to do this. At any rate, it would be in poor taste for you to ask. No one is owed any pre-wedding parties, and many people don't get any. I am quite sure there will be plenty of celebrating, so you don't need to go bugging your family to do this. Congratulations on your engagement.

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    Engagement parties are not very common. The engagement party is given by either set of parents and is an opportunity for the families to get acquainted. Don't feel sad, it's really not that big of a deal.

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    When I got engaged, I quickly found that engagement parties are something that my parents and my fiance's parents have really never heard of before. It's more of a new tradition.

    We threw our own - rented a party room, ordered some BBQ catering, had some drinks and announced our wedding date!

    Was a great chance for everyone to meet/mingle.

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    Engagement parties aren't mandatory, and a lot of families choose not to do them anymore. Anyone can throw you can an engagement party - parents, relatives, or friends, but they have to come to that decision on their own. Perhaps they are planning on throwing you a bridal shower or bachelorette later on, but they are not obligated to do that either. Just try not to worry about it, and enjoy your engagement!

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    Usually the couple throws the engagement party.

    In the old days they were small affairs intended to introduce the family of the groom to the family of the bride. Nowadays couples throw informal engagement parties to celebrate their engagement, or to introduce the potential guests to each other.

    Engagement parties are NOT essential and are NOT thrown by friends.

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