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Top 5 special moments in life??? 10 POINTS!!!?

im doing a theme project for art class and there are just so many moments to choose from....i need the top 5


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    blow - job




    hope i helped :P

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    Hey Katniss! I just wanna say you are awesome and I'm looking forward to Catching Fire :)

    I probably won't be much help, but for me personally, the most special moments are:

    1. Christmas with family

    2. Having met amazing friends from other countries and learning about their way of life (mine are from Japan)

    3. Getting to visit another country you love and learning the customs and traditions there (for me again, it'd be Japan, hehe...). Also coming home after a long journey.

    4. Getting something you worked very hard for, like a scholarship or uni graduation.

    5. Getting a talent recognised by others

    Good luck with your project!

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    5. Death of my Dog (it was the first loss that actually affected me and I still cry thinking about it Age 7)

    4. Getting into an advanced education program (apparently I had the highest Math score in the county assessment test Age 8)

    3. Finding out about my Asperger's Syndrome (Yeah ... Age 6)

    2. Anytime being with the girl I love (Age 12 on)

    1. Losing everything (I'm 18 and I don't have much running for me)

    "Special" is a relative term for me.

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