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My boyfriend is 11 years older then me, how do I tell my mom?

I'm 17, state of consent in Texas is 17 so I'll be moving out in 6 months since I gravitated from a charter school here recently, but i'm scared to tell my mom, my boyfriend is 28 turning 29 in July. I've always dated men older then me, but I really believe he might be the one and I want to tell my mom, but i'm not sure how without her thinking he wants to rape me or hurt me. (he's nothing close to being that way, he respects me very well.) Plus he has a 3 month old beautiful daughter, please help on how I can tell my mom.. :(

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    wait till your 18 then when you tell your mum she cant bust your balls as much as she would if you didnt wait. sorry but 11 years is quite a difference so your just going to have to tell her. goodluck

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