is he INTO ME or just POLITE? male opinions needed!! ;)?

I wish a guy i went to high school with four years ago a happy birthday on Facebook and he wishes me a happy bday a couple of days later. He says he hasn't seen me in forever and that he actually comes down to my university often to visit friends and is surprised he hasn't bumped into me. (he lives in my city, btw) I tell him that he should let me know next time he's here and we can get lunch.

Two days later he asks for my phone number and during the next 3 weeks, we end up texting a lot. He's really nice in the messages and there's subtle flirtation sometimes. He asks me to hang out and we end up seeing each other and talking for 5 hours. At the end, he doesn’t say anything about seeing me again, but a couple of hours later I get a text from him and he says he really had fun and we should do it again. Then we flirt through text more. He's out of town for 3 weeks, but has been texting me consistently every couple of days and being really genuine and sweet. He even told me I was beautiful once and we've been talking all day for the past 4 days.

I’m confused....we weren't close in high school. just sat together in one class for half a year, but never hung out outside of class.....we'd make small talk in class, and i had the biggest crush on him, but we never flirted!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sounds like he is into you. It is very rare for a male to put that much time into texting you and ensuring that you see each other frequently if he only wants to be your friend. It is likely that he is too shy to make a move or maybe he wants to take things slowly.

    My advice: give him a kiss on the cheek after you hang out next. The ole' kiss on the cheek works wonders, since even if he DOES just want to be friends (unlikely) it won't be weird. Since your mouth will be so close to his right after you kiss his cheek, he will likely have the courage to kiss you on the lips.

    Very similar situation happened to me when I was younger & nervous/shy. She kissed my cheek and I finally went in for the kiss. Felt great since I was such a wuss!

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  • 7 years ago

    I can be polite and nice to a girl that I know, but not ask for her number. Meaning, he likes you.

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