Scorpio Male/Virgo female?

So here's my problem. I was introduced to a guy by a mutual friend who thought we would be perfect for eachother (due to our lifestyles and such) so after two weeks of texting, fb messing ect we meet and I broke my cardinal rule and slept with him. Now im worried that the thinks that I am one who does this with everyone I meet, or that it is ALL he was looking for. We have communicated since then, but lately he hasnt been returning my text messages. Granted, he's got a BUSY training schedule on top of working fulltime-his career is in MMA and I knew this before talking to him; and I dont want to make it sound like this is could be his reason to why he hasnt reached out? Any idea's on how I can rectify the situation without blowing up his phone or should I just chaulk it up and walk away? We had amazing chemistry (from what I thought) and he's got a good head on his shoulder. So I am pissed off at myself for doing it and possibly ruining what could be a good thing and also for developing feelings for the guy....

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  • 7 years ago
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    Omg lol don't you hate that. I mean that there's a rule lolll I mean jee sometimes there is ridiculous amount of chemistry. But I can assure you scorpios are a little deeper than that. Send him a text about how you feel. Tell him exactly ..that you're not the kind of girl that..etc....and see what he least he's single you may stand a chance to redeem yourself. What is mma anyway.

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