what should my first car be?

im 15 soon getting my license. i play sports year round so football, wrestling, and lacrosse i have rich friends but im average i want a coupe fast maybe a targa top or sunroof something i can tune up looks good my dad and godfather are buying it they both are putting 10k down so i have 20k to spend i have a job so everything else im paying for no problem any suggestions? i really like the toyota supra but i cant get a stick for my first and its hard to find one at 20k unless it has like 150k miles i have 6k saved up so if anything i would have baught a new engine but no stick and i wouldnt want my supra auto

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    get a lincoln mark viii. its fast has 4.6 cobra motor minus supercharger. insurance is cheap because its a lincoln and cops wont harass you.

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