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Girls who would know: What's it like to live with just your dad, no mom?

I live with a single mom and it's nice, I can ask her anything. I can't even imagine living with a single dad. But for those of you who do what is it like? What happened when you got your first period (if you were living with just your dad at that point)? I know that's a little too personal but I was just curious.

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    It ******* sucks. Men are totally stupid when it comes to girl problems, especially when they don't have a wife to teach them. I lived with my dad and moved out at 17. Mostly because he was a disgusting pig. But overall I think living with a single dad sucks, in my experience at least.

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    I live with my mom,who is just a single mom.I dont see my dad.Butttt I used to be friends with this girl who lived with her dad,and he was a neat freak!I mean he did try..but they would fight a lot and he would be up her asss alot..and when she needed shampoo or something girlie,i think it was werid asking him cuz he was cheapppppp lol he did all the shopping when she was at school.He was like lol

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