contacts received request for money from "me" stranded in Philippines.?

All contact information has been deleted, all sent mail deleted, and no new mail is coming in. This happened after I received several calls from contacts and even calls from people NOT in my contact list but who may have been on a multi-address list from an organization, that they had received mail from me, stranded in the Philippines and needing money. What can I do to clear this and get email? working?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You are screwed make a new email

  • 7 years ago

    You have been hacked. Change your password immediately. If you can't access your account to change your password then go here and click on My Account May have been Compromised

    Then after your password has been changed

    Fill out a Mail Restore form ASAP you only have 48 hours to restore lost mail before they are permanently deleted from Yahoo's server

    Fill out a Contacts Restore

    Also do ALL of the following to protect your privacy and identity

    - From your Inbox click on the Gear icon in the upper right (next to where it says Hi, Yourname) then > Mail Options > POP & Forwarding to make sure your emails are not all being forwarded to the hacker’s address. Normally the hackers will have your incoming mail forwarded to them so you don't receive anything

    - make sure the alternate email address is still yours and you have a security question and answer set

    - until you get your Contacts back find some other way to reach them - Facebook, twitter, text, phone, ask friends to help contact people, etc -- to inform them that your account was hacked and not to send money. This happened to a friend of mine and 3 people ended up sending money before she could inform people she had been hacked

    - if you used your same email username and password for ANY other site, you need to immediately change the passwords on ALL of those accounts. Do not delay, even if you don't have your email account back yet. Unfortunately 80% of people use the same username and password for everything. Hackers know this and once they know your email login they'll try those same details on Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, EBay, every major bank and credit card company, etc to hack those accounts as well which will cause even more damage

    - if your emails contained ANY financial information (Paypal receipts, online banking statement, credit card bills, etc) you need to IMMEDIATELY inform these institutions. You will have to freeze your bank and credit card accounts and get new account numbers and cards sent to you. Set up a new email address to change your Paypal account. These hackers will go through all of your emails to see if there is anything they can use to steal your money and identity

    - If you are in the US also consider filing a fraud alert with the credit bureaus -- read the FTC website

    You didn't get an email recently that looked like it was from Yahoo asking you to verify or update your account, or that your account had exceeded its limits, or that there was suspcious activity or logins from overseas did you? That was not from Yahoo, that was a phishing scam and by responding you gave your login details to these scammers

    Yahoo will NEVER ask for your username or password anywhere but the Yahoo login page. They will never ask you to click on a link to verify or update your account

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