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Bodybuilding as a Teenager?

I'm 16 and weight 130 pounds

I love being in the gym lifting weights I really do but lately I don't notice any gains what so ever from mass, muscle build, or strength

I seem to be staying that same and I don't know why

I change my workout almost every month

I workout only in school Monday-Friday because of my weight lifting class

Please tell me what I can do or what I'm doing wrong

Also I workout my whole body not just upper like most guys

So please what I can do to gain a lot of mass and get big muscles

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    seriously you need to change your diet, add a 500-700 calorie surplus to your diet and when you lift weights make sure you have good form.

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    Don't lift weights for more than 2 hours at a time it will make u hit a plateau wich I'm guessing u are on

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