Rottweiler puppy leash problems?

Puppy is 10 weeks old and seems to not like going outside, when i come out of my front door their is 3 steps i have to go down and my puppy never wants to go down the steps, i know he knows how to go down them because when i played basketball in front of the house he would be laying down relaxing by the door untill one day he decided to go down, anyway when we are walking down a block he would walk through the grass so he can do his business and he sometimes just lays down flat on his stomach. What should i do tug the rope untill he obeys, which i have been doing, or any other suggestions? Also he sometimes puts the rope in his mouth and tries to play tug of war with me but i always take it out and say no, i dont know if hes just trying to play or something is bothering him? Please help. Sorry for the long explination but i just really need to know.

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    7 years ago
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    He is tugging on the rope because he thinks of it as a toy or a game, and sonetimes its because they arent used to leashes, nothing to be worried about, and when he lies down, encourage him to get back up and keep walking, use like a high happy voice, for some reason, dogs and puppies like it, I used it for my dogs and they listened, my friend does the same.

  • maxey
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    4 years ago

    hi! Makes beneficial Lexie's leash is not any longer than 6 ft. With some leashes like flexi leashes, this gives the canines too lots freedom. make beneficial the collar is severe above Lexie's neck which provide you extra administration over her pulling. once you initiate walking, carry a manage close on your leg and enable her in some situations lick it. If Lexie starts off shifting infront of you and pulls, provide up walking. this could shows her that when she's next to you, she gets to stroll and have exciting, and while she's in front, the walking stops. good success along with her!

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