People putting me down?

My best friend has always been there for me and so have I. He makes skateboarding videos and he is entering a film festival and people are being mean and saying how he shouldn't enter it and basically bashing him. His videos are really good and I always watch them, share it with other people so he gets more views. He's sad now and what are some things I can say to make him feel better. I feel like this is a different situation than he's had before. I'm good at relationship advice but not this

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    7 years ago
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    It's a simple answer, tell your friend next time someone says something about his video; if it sucks so bad then why don't you make one that's better, assuming that they can't. Also, tell him if he wants to do it to just do it, who are these people to tell him not to, they're not his advisors.

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    7 years ago

    Maybe you should tell him to not to feel so down by his own lack of belief of his goals. Even if he's getting a lot of background noise and negative comments from other people! Because when people are trying to put you down sometimes. Sometimes what their really doing is stopping you from continuing what they know can turn out to be a real success!

    If you continue doing what your doing. Improve and work on certain things that might still need more improvement, listen to only positive ideas and advices from positive and supporting people! And above all don't quit and don't give up and just keep on trying you'll definitely become a success story! And you'll definitely be happy! So PROVE IT! Don't let other peoples stupid words stop you and bring you down from your unbeatable goals! You can make it if you just shut those words and losers out. Cause winners have no time for hearing the words of losers especially in hearing what they still have to say. Honey they haven't seen his true story yet!

  • 7 years ago

    Let people keep hating and let him do what he do god will take care of it all

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