Give examples of type of factors pressure that drive evolution?

And please answer this question if u can why the statement organisms evolve false

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    Okay...Ill give you the detailed explanation first and then the simplified version.

    You can look at the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, which states what cannot happen so that evolution does not take place. There are five main points on what must not happen for Evolution to occur.

    They are:

    No Small Populations

    No Migration

    No Mutations

    No Random Mating

    No Natural Selection

    (Extra: In Random Mating, they will go with nearly anyone, including relatives, causing there not to be any change in the genetics and stuff. Look at site below for more help)

    For more information, you can go to the following site:

    Simplified Version:

    There are 5 major factors that pressure Evolution. These are

    1. Mutations

    2. Migration (Movement organisms in and out of a population)

    3. Random Mating (This is the most confusing.)

    4. Natural Selection

    5. The Size of a population


    To put it in simple terms;

    One organism cannot evolve by itself. Evolution occurs within a whole population or species.

    For Example, if your son was born with an extra thumb, that is not evolution.

    On the other hand, if the whole human species gained an extra thumb, that would be evolution.

    Hope this helps...Good Luck

    Source(s): School (I just did this Lesson in my Honors Bio class, and took the test today.)
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    In line with contemporary evolutionary idea , there is no preconceived "purpose" for evolutionary changes. How a species develops over time is random and discipline to the pressures of both the biotic and abiotic atmosphere. The best "match" live to tell the tale.

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    sustanance, water, earth, sky, and air

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